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 Field Options markets a comprehensive range of seeds: Grass mixtures, maize, fodder beet, wholecrop mixtures and forage crops as well as seeds for environmental schemes, green manures, game clover, lawns and sports turf. Grass mixtures are constructed on the basis of technical merit and are exclusive to Field Options.


We have moved

For the last few years, a steady increase in business has caused us to outgrow our office. For the last year we have been looking for new premises; luckily the perfect solution was created just 300 metres away from our previous Office!  The new premises combines our administration and storage requirements under one roof, and also provides a better environment for customers to collect orders directly from us.  All contact information has remained the same, with the exception of the first line of the address, for which we have replaced ‘Unit 12 Broadaxe Business Park’ with ‘Unit 3 Broadaxe Business Park’.



2016 saw a lot more Rodriguez seed becoming available, and its performance continues to impress. It was brought into our portfolio to replace Lapriora, and fulfils a similar purpose. Yield is ahead of Severus and Ambition, silage quality is also better. Rodriguez performance was impressive in the cool season of 2015 demonstrating a high degree of stability. Pollination is very high producing full grain cobs across all sites. Rodriguez is popular across NW Europe for silage and grain.

Latest News

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Field Options customer, Phil Kent, made the cover of Forager's spring edition.

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Field Options' recent Silage discussion made the national press.

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