Ultra Early

Following the extreme conditions of 2012, there is likely to be more interest in this area of the market in subsequent years.  The earliest varieties can be planted in the most marginal of areas, although growers in these areas should consider the alternatives:  


Catch Crop Ryegrass



Keen is KWS bred ultra-early maize variety which performs very well in marginal areas. It produces reliable yields of exceptionally high quality maize silage, even in very challenging season like 2012 & 2015. It ripens very early, but does not die down as fast as Kaspian and has consistently out yielded it in trials. Seed price is competitive. 

Technical Data


  • Good early vigour 
  • Early grain development
  • Reliable yield of very high ME
  • Very Stable in 2012 and 2015
  • Very good price!
  • Limited availability for 2018