Ultra Early

Following the extreme conditions of 2012, there is likely to be more interest in this area of the market in subsequent years.  The earliest varieties can be planted in the most marginal of areas, although growers in these areas should consider the alternatives:  


Catch Crop Ryegrass



Augustus is a new hybrid from KWS, which moves forward the boundary of yield and earliness of forage maize. it has the potential to produce 3 tonnes per hectare more silage than Kaspian and dries down slightly slower, allowing a wider window of harvest between 30-35% dry matter.

Feed quality is very good, driven by a combination of high starch content and NDF digestibility. It has performed well in both cool, wet and warm, dry seasons across north-west Europe.

Technical Data


  • Very good early vigour
  • Early grain development
  • Very high yield of high ME
  • Very stable in 2015
  • Longer harvest window than Kaspian
  • Full wrapper leaf cover