Maize Selection

Over the last five years we have developed an extensive range of maize varieties from a range of breeders. As well as analysing data from UK and European national list trials, we have three fully replicated trials and a number of strip trials on farms in both favourable and marginal sites around the country. We particularly select varieties that are stable, early, high yielding and of high nutritional quality.

Maize Selector Table

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Under PlasticPit FillersHigh Energy, High StarchHigh Energy, Hi Fibre 'D'Grain, Crimp & CCMBio-Gas
Ultra EarlyRodriguezAugustusSergioSergioAugustusSergioSergioAugustusSergio
2nd EarlyIsantoMilkaKonsensusKompetensKonsensusKompetensAsgaardKompetensKonsensusKompetensAsgaard
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