4-6 Year Grass Mixtures

Ultra-Bite MP

Ultra-Bite MP

5 year+ high intake cattle grazing mixture

Ultra-Bite MP is specifically designed for dairy and beef grazing regimes. It produces a very dense hard-wearing sward providing season-long production of highly palatable grass and clover.

It is based on varieties which are top-rated in both the TEAGASC Moorepark Pasture Profit Index and have high merit for yield, quality and persistence on the BSPB and SAC lists used throughout England and Wales. The latest long-term results from TEAGASC verify the choice of varieties in this formulation.

Also available without clover.

Technical Data


  • To help with grazing Ultra-Bite MP does not head until 5th June
  • Varieties selected for high palatability and long season growth
  • Clovers selected to tolerate intensive grazing and high fertility
  • Very good resistance to Crown Rust
  • Surplus production can make excellent quality silage
Ultra-Bite MP