4-6 Year Grass Mixtures

Grass Master Pro-Nitro

Grass Master Pro-Nitro

5-6 year cutting and grazing mixture

Grass Master Pro-Nitro is similar to the standard Grassmaster HS with Red Clover to increase protein content, drought tolerance and allow less dependence on nitrogen fertiliser. 

Organic version available.

Technical Data


  • Consistent high yields of high-protein silage for three or more years
  • As the Red Clover dies out, the White Clover takes its place
  • Corvus and AberClaret Red Clovers have top scores for persistence, optimising the number of years Red Clover contributes to the ley
  • Lower nitrogen requirements for similar silage yields compared with the standard Grassmaster HS.
  • Excellent late summer and autumn grazing for lambs
Grass Master Pro-Nitro