4-6 Year Grass Mixtures

Grass Master HS

Grass Master HS

5-6 year cutting and grazing mixture

Grass Master HS  produces top yields of high quality silage and palatable grazing for five years or more.

Also available without Clover.

Technical Data


  • Good spring growth for more grazing or extra 1st cut silage
  • High yield potential at 1st cut with flexibility over cutting date
  • Contains three of the top 'High Sugar' varieties
  • Excellent mid- and late-season growth boosted by AberGreen, AberWolf and AberGain, plus Timothy and Clover
  • Very good resistance to disease, especially Crown Rust
  • Clovers selected for their ability to compete in a cutting regime and to adapt well to either sheep or cattle grazing
Grass Master HS