Kale x Rape Hybrids



Known as Kale-Rapes, these are forage Brassicas produced by crossing Kale and Rape to produce varieties which have the rapid establishment and quality of Rape combined with the higher yield and hardiness of Kale.

So far, the best are hardier and more Alternaria resistant than most Forage Rapes and slightly higher yielding, like Interval and Swift. Both are ideally suited to summer planting and winter use. Redstart is a variety selected for good resistance to bolting, Alternaria and Mildew. Normally used for spring planting and summer use, it has also proven good for autumn/winter use.

Technical Data


Redstart: bred in New Zealand, it was selected for spring sowing and summer grazing. It is higher yielding than Winfred but with similar high palatability and regrowth characteristics if first grazed at about eight weeks from emergence. It reaches full yield potential in 10 weeks. Experience during the winter of 2010/11 suggests that Redstart also exhibits fairly good hardiness, so can be summer-sown for autumn and early winter utilisation. N; U

Interval: bred in Scotland by JHI, Interval is a cut-leaved variety with high yield potential. Fairly good hardiness for a Fodder Rape with good Alternaria resistance. N; U, T

Spitfire: bred in New Zealand, Spitfire is a highly palatable Kale Rape with very high yield potential. Good disease and pest resistance. Suited to summer, autumn or early winter grazing. N; U