Maize Starter Fertiliser

Maize Excelerator GT

Maize Excelerator GT

Maize Excelerator GT fertiliser enhances establishment and the addition of Humifirst makes P more available.

The placement of fertiliser below and to one side of the precision drilled maize seed can give a considerable benefit to the crop, especially in a difficult year.  The most widely used fertiliser for this purpose is Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP)  However, the utilisation of Phosphate in DAP is usually around 15% due to the rapid blocking of the water-soluble phosphates by free Iron (Fe) or Aluminium (Al) in acidic soils and Calcium (Ca) in more neutral soils.  The addition of Humates (Humic or Fulvic acids) can increase the availability of P to the growing plant by up to 9 times.

  • Enhances clay-humus complex
  • Reduces nutrient ‘lock up’
  • Boost availability of existing soil nutrients
  • Increases cation exchange capacity
  • Improve soil structure, drainage & drought tolerance

Technical Data


  • Stronger establishment
  • Increased DM yield
  • Higher DM% & earlier ripening
  • Greater starch content
  • Improved ME
  • No need for micro-granular applicator
  • Higher drill work rate


Maize Excelerator GT