Our Charities

Each year, we select 4 or 5 charities whose work has impressed Field Options staff, and send them a donation.

Below are listed this year's crop! 

Oxfam - Syria Crisis Appeal

Oxfam - Syria Crisis Appeal

Five and a half years of brutal fighting have devastated Syria, a country that was a thriving, middle-income country before the start of the conflict in 2011. Almost half a million people have been killed, 11 million people have had to flee their homes and millions more desperately in need of help.

As the conflict has escalated in Syria, Oxfam have not only increased their humanitarian work across the region, they have also vigorously campaigned for:

  • The rights of all people affected by the crisis and to ensure that their voices are heard
  • The delivery of a strong humanitarian response in Syria and the wider region
  • Governments around the world to use their influence to find a political solution to the crisis

Oxfam has reached over 1.5 million people already with desperately needed food, water and shelter. But the scale of this emergency is huge and they still need help.