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Grass Under Maize Article

Our Maize Undersowing Drill has recently featured in a Farmers Weekly article, detailing the building of the drill itself and also how it works to reduce soil erosion and nutrient leaching.  

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Clampsaver in FG

Rob Watkins, a Field Options customer from Herefordshire is featured in the Farmers' Guardian of 3rd November. Rob runs two flocks of different breeds totalling 960 ewes which lamb in two groups.  A key element of his forage system is Field Options' Clampsaver Rape and Ryegrass mixture Which provides several grazings through summer and autumn thene leaves a grass ley for an eally bite next year as well as several cuts of silage.

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Field Options joins forces with ProCam

Joining forces with ProCam brings us extra management expertise, more advanced administration and logistics systems as well as additional knowledge of crop production techniques, all enhancing our service to customers. In turn, we will be able to focus on our trials, product development and to continue to help our customers achieve the best possible results from their grass and forage crops.

Field Options' Francis Dunne at LIC Conference

Mixed swards help cut production costs

Field Options customer, Phil Kent, made the cover of Forager's spring edition.

"Low cost forage adds up for Cornish sheep system. Finishing lambs on herbal leys, changing breed type and lambing later means one Cornish sheep farm is on track to shave over £1/kg off cost of production".

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Field Options in Farmers Guardian

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"Farmers wanting to cut production costs of forage and increase wholecrop silage feed values heard the latest trial results at a meeting in Herefordshire". An article about Field Option's Spring Meeting at Titley.

Field Options Newsletter March 2016

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Maize star performers - New grass trials: Latest data - Mixture trials: Massive response to Clover - Red clover shortage? - Optimising Hurricane III ryegrass - Demand for more herbal pasture - Lucerne establishment boosted - Wholecrop BPX - New Fodder beets lift performance - Catch crops for summer milk and lamb

Field Options Newsletter October 2015

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Grass: Early Management - Early Quality Maize - The UK's highest yielding maize - Inoculate Maize Silage to Increase Efficiency - Plan to Manage Maize Stubble - Prepare Soils for Spring Cropping - New Fodder Beet - Mark Sheridan Joins the Team

Field Options Newsletter February 2015

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A challenging agricultural economy - Higher Yield, 'D' value, sugar and persistence - New grass trials data - Ultra-Bite MP mix update - High performance maize new varieties - Geronimo NEW - Catchcrops for summer milk and lamb - Greening: positive EFA options - Spring wholecrop options - Better weed control & keep your clover - Leatherjackets

LIC Conference Newsletter 2014

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Ultimate cow grazing - New grass trials generating interesting data - The case for clover - Better weed control and keep the clover - Crown rust variety resistance option - Broad spectrum mixes for dry season reliability - Opportunities for brassica catch

Field Options Newsletter September 2014

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New grass trials generating interesting data - Ryegrass or Forage Rye for early spring grazing - Autumn graze for optimum establishment - Better weed control and keep the clover - Maize looking good (new varieties listed) - Look out for frit fly this autumn - Wholecrop options - Protect your investment in silage and avoid losses - Clamp management and silage incoulant - Maize harvest and stubble bust

Field Options Newsletter February 2014

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Updated grass mixtures, Hurricane III - Spring sown and high yield?, Endurance LT II - High performance on light land, Ultimate Cow Grazing, Maize - You can get best quality and best yield, Summer Fodder Crops - spoiled for choice, Boost to Lucerne establishment.

Field Options Newsletter February 2013

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More than 12 tonnes of Silage from Spring Sown Grass? - Wholecrop BPX: 11.0ME,12.5% protein,14 weeks? - Pointers for Undersowing - Fodder Beet Potential: 12.5ME, 38 tonnes/acre - Longer Lasting Red Clover - Effective Pasture Repair - Good Maize = Soil Preparation + Variety - Grazing Fodder Beet - Direct Drilling Swedes and Kale.

Field Options Newsletter January 2013

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Wishing you Perfect Weather and Good Market Conditions in 2013 - Fodder Beet Wins Through? - New Maize Hybrids Look Very Good in a Difficult Year - Switch From Maize in Marginal Areas - Soil Structure Problems – Be Patient - HURRICANE II - Maximum Potential of Spring Sown Grass - Shortages of Spring Cereal & Pulse Seeds - Farm Saved Cereal & Pulse Seeds - DON’T KEEP SEED in Chemical Store!

3 Counties Farmer October 2012

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The maize harvesting season has seen a lot of press coverage of Field Options varieties that have done well in a difficult year. Francis Dunne has been featured in a number of press articles including

Field Options Newsletter July 2012

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Under Pressure? - Grass Seed Availability - Solving the Energy Gap - Soil Repair -Clover Safe Herbicide - Mz Excelerator Maize Starter